Programs And  Services

Elder Services

La Alianza’s Adult and Elderly programs enable elders to continue to live in their homes, manage their finances, and increase their access to essential services, cultural, economic, and physical barriers.

The primary goal of the programs is to ensure that our seniors continue to live independently and to thrive as active members of their families and their communities. 

Services include social and emotional wellness activities such as body stretching, yoga and group calisthenics as well as weekly arts and crafts classes that create small arts and crafts learning groups through the creation of learning circles. Sewing, crocheting, knitting and card-making circles, among others, help to increase socialization by creating opportunities for interpersonal communication among seniors interested in like crafts.

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Family Support Services

La Alianza Hispana's Mental Health and Public Health Programs focus on good social and emotional health of the Latino families across their life span.

There is a tremendous need for programs offering culturally and linguistically competent services for Latinos. Increasing the volume of use of these services will have a positive impact on the organization as it capitalizes on economies of scale. The key is to build service capacity and capabilities in a cost efficient manner and continue to develop alternative revenue sources to pay for these services.

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